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Welcome to Carb Scout.com!  The purpose of this site is to help you reach your weight loss goal in the simplest, most efficient way possible.

After being told for decades that a low fat diet rich in ‘complex’ carbohydrates was the healthiest way to go, obesity and diet related disease has actually skyrocketed. Science has recently proven that the opposite is really true…that a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet is the best and healthiest way to permanent weight loss and especially to prevent or  reverse disease.

A Little of My Background

I’ve been passionate about health and nutrition for my entire adult life.  Back in the 80s, I worked in the health club industry and managed a center for a leading diet program.  At the time, and for many years to come, the medical field believed they had the answer to a healthy lifestyle – eating low fat foods and lots of exercise, and I lived accordingly for years.

As I got older, it became harder and harder to keep the weight from creeping up.  I had brief success with Weight Watchers and Nutri-System, but I could only deprive myself of calories for about a month or two, and then the weight would slowly creep back. My metabolism slowed and I totally gave up on dieting. Something just didn’t make sense about that tired, old approach…it shouldn’t be so hard!

As I  reached my heaviest weight ever, still searching for better programs and reading the latest science…my sister was diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  I must  tell you that our dad and his mother had Type 2 Diabetes, so the threat of us developing it was very real.  I knew what this disease can do to the body and it scared the heck out of me!

Research Pays Off

As soon as I learned of my sister’s diagnosis, I stumbled upon a book about what really causes us to gain weight, store fat and build up bad cholesterol and how to stop many diseases in their tracks –  and it totally changed my life. But before I could even utilize the information I had learned, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic myself.

I’m lucky I have a great doctor who is always up to date on the latest science. She looked me in the eye and said “Cut the carbs”.

The Purpose of this Site

My goal is to share information with you to make weight loss and fitness as simple and quick as possible.  I’ve been successful living this way and it’s been way easier than I thought it could ever be.

I reversed my pre-diabetes in just a few weeks, lost the weight and increased my energy levels, so I simply must share the methods with as many as possible.

Most of us lead busy lives, we want results quickly, we don’t have time to cook complicated meals or spend hours at the gym, so believe me, this weight loss plan is simple, the recipes we’ll share will be short (but tasty) and even the  work outs will be fast – like 15 minutes, no lie!

If you’ve struggled with your weight or are facing health issues such as Type 2, or pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many others, this site is for you.

If you’re tired of the diet yo-yo or suffer from a slow metabolism, this site is for you.

Even if you just have those last 10 pounds you can’t seem to shed, this site is for you.

And if you ever  have any questions, feel free to let me know at karyn@carbscout.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.


To Your Success,

Karyn White



We are not doctors. This site offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. This information is not a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any concerns or questions about your health should be discussed with a physician or other health-care professional.

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