Easy Diet Recipes

Easy Diet Recipes

There’s no shortage of diet recipes online, but it can take hours to find tasty and easy diet recipes that are also low in carbs.  Since most of us don’t have that kind of time, I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes here that are not only low carb, but also easy and delicious.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cookbooks out there that have a fair amount of “filler” recipes included…recipes that when tried, just aren’t as great as promised and not repeat-worthy.

Although everyone’s tastes are a little different, you certainly don’t want to buy the ingredients and take the time to prepare something, only to find it fall flat in the taste department.

The recipes I’ll be adding through this page are all tested in our own kitchen by me and my more talented “home chef” husband, who has a  sophisticated palate and is definitely more picky about what he eats than I am.

Many of these recipes have been low carb-tweaked from recipes from family members, friends, and others.  Please feel free to add your own tweaks and let me know in the comments what you discovered.

Tip:  To make cooking faster and more flavorful, try a electric pressure cooker

Another great source for low carb recipes is Diet Doctor



Starch Free Almond Pancakes

Smoky Chicken Tortilla Soup

Low & Slow Creamy White Chicken Chili

Chicken Veggie Soup

Simple & Elegant French Onion Soup

Pad Thai Shrimp Tacos